Monday 4 December 2017

Is ONE Euro Really That Hard?

Every month on the first of the month, I do a euro appeal, it is where I beg the 5500 followers we have to give me a euro/pound. Sadly, only a small proportion of those 5500 people even bother, which poses the question, why are you following my page?

Now that may make me sound harsh, and bitter, but it is true, if you took the time to click like, and follow what we do, it surely must mean that you like or support what we do. Therefore, surely one pound/euro a month is not to much to ask. Such a small amount, would make so much difference to us.

Now I know not to take it to personally, as I am not the only charity begging every month, and one woman and her charity that I follow has over one million followers, and she has the same struggle. So, I would like to know is it because people don't want to help? think others will, so why bother? don't have 1 euro? think the animals aren't worth it? If this is the case then why follow the page?

Too many questions this morning, as I sit drinking coffee, wondering where today will take me, how I am going to pay the vet this month, and where the next lot of food will come from. if by any chance I have guilted you into paying 1 euro please, pop over to FB grab the payment details and pop a pound in the account...... it really does make a difference to us!

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  1. Oooooooops!! Think I forgot, Louise. Will do it now!!