Monday 11 December 2017

Rise and Shine!

I have always been an early riser, so the fact that I am usually awake around 6am is no surprise, it means I can have an hours peace, and reflect on the day ahead. This time of year it is harder to rise and shine, due to the cold, darkness, and pure exhaustion. The tip of my nose tells me to stay in bed as it is rather nippy most mornings, however, I drag my arse to the kitchen.

There are very few times when my house, and life is peaceful, which is why I enjoy the hour in the morning. It is quite sad that the only time I can find "me" time is in the cold and dark, but hey I'm grateful for anything. At this time of year I can feel my exhaustion levels rising, and my love for rescue diminishing.

As I sip the dark, warm morning coffee I ponder about my life, and think how did I end up here. Rescue has totally absorbed my life, and there are times when I want a simple, clean, normal life, like other people have.

Recharging my batteries is essential, however, at this time of year it is impossible. Too many dogs, not enough daylight, too much to do every day, and certainly no time for me.

This will pass as it always does, and for now I will enjoy my hour of peace, before an animal realizes that I am awake, and the phone jumps to life. Lets see what today will bring, and pray it is easy enough to handle.

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