Thursday 7 December 2017

Don't Dismiss the Oldies!

Oldies are great, and they deserve a chance like any other dog, you would be surprised that many dogs come into the category of senior, after only 7 years. Pounds and rescues are full of senior dogs, all needing a home, all waiting patiently. Now I understand why some people are cautious about adopting an oldie, but please consider one, and do not dismiss a dog simply due to its age.

Seth is an old Cocker that we have at the moment, he was dropped off by his loving owners to the pound, Seth is 10 and a typical demanding, loving Cocker. I had many messages about Seth, and lots of interest until people discovered he was 10.

Some people were honest and came out and said, I don't want an old dog, others made pathetic excuses. Either way I don't understand, sorry, you fell in love with Seth, does it matter about his age.

I understand that they may die sooner, lets not pretend otherwise, however, could you not offer him a great place for his last few years?

An older dog gives you a fully trained, experienced, loyal companion. Yet Seth has been dismissed over and over due to his age, I find this so sad. So whilst the people start searching for a younger dog, he sits in a cold kennel, waiting for someone to appreciate him for who he is. Age is purely a number, he has no medical issues, can hear, see, and walk which for me is a miracle. Yet no one wants Seth..... How sad.

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