Friday 15 December 2017

You Never Know What Is Inside!

When you offer to take animals, they rarely come with history, or in fact any information, they are thrust into my car, and the previous owner or police run away fast, before I can change my mind. This means that we never know what may be lurking inside, and we only realize when it is often too late. When we offered to to take the goats there was no mention of anymore, so when Mrs Goat begun to get fatter, we presumed it was just food.

However, she got fatter, and fatter, oh and fatter, until one day I realized that there was more than food going on. We had one very pregnant goat, oh yippee more mouths to feed. Not knowing when the deed happened, meant we had no idea when she was due. 

So we waited, and waited, and waited, until one morning she did not come in from outside. I found her in the chicken pen in labor, surrounded by chickens for assistance. They would not be my choice of birthing partner, but each to their own. I decided to move her out of the chicken pen then left her too it, this was obviously not her first birthing experience.

 30 minutes later we had two more mouths to feed, and one very proud goat. Now I have to admit that baby goats are rather cute, however, we didn't need anymore! I might start asking people if their animals are going to give birth once they have handed them over, so we can be prepared.

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