Wednesday 27 December 2017

Too Much Wine!

I am convinced that yesterday everyone was on the booze and that they had to much, as I had a day of haters, and people attacking me on my page. I had everything from how crap I was, too 1 star fake reviews from people. Ironically the 1 star reviews are from a wannabe rescuer that I have five of her dogs here waiting to leave.

A few weeks ago we had a falling out, and rather than growing up, moving on, she decided to post crap all over the internet about me. She has lied, and made herself look really stupid, however, yesterday she stooped to a new level of stupid. She created fake profiles all in the same surname and gave my page 1 star reviews.... They look so genuine, people will of course be fooled into believing them.

I never understand peoples needs to rush onto the internet, and rant, and moan about people and their charities. If you have a real grievance then sort it out, rating a charity a 1 star because you are an idiot, is childish, and pathetic. I also got moaned at yesterday for the not answering people quick enough rant.

I understand that many people do not know me personally, however, if they follow the page they will see what we do. They will see that many people support us, and do know me, therefore, understand that it is just ME. I have a team both here and in the UK, however, the majority of EVERYTHING is dealt with by me. So, when I take more than five minutes to answer someone, it is usually due to the fact that I am busy.

At the moment it is one continuous blur of exhaustion, this time of year is draining, too many animals, not enough funds, and a wait for the next transport to kick in. Also, I move slower in the cold, and yes it is cold, and I'm getting old! So, come on people give me a break..... wait for the answers you need as they will come, haters please fuck off back under the rock you came from, and Patrica, grow a set of balls, and deal with the fact you screwed up.  

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