Tuesday 20 June 2017

Dont Step In the Box!

We have a bright yellow safety box in the stables, it is huge, bright and there for a very good reason. We tell everyone that comes near it, to "NOT step in the box" If people choose to then more fool them, as people always think they know better than me....

I have a horse, a beautiful horse, who loves his teeth, and loves getting to know you by taking chunks out of you. He loves to pick everything up, buckets, brooms, chickens, goats, oh and people. we used to warn people that he bites, and they ignored us, resulting in a few arms being chomped down on. He tends to grab and refuses to let go, and if you have ever been bitten by a horse, you will know how much that hurts!

Magic was starved, he was fed bread, and not a lot of it, so he tends to try and eat everything. He has got a lot better since he arrived, and this I am proud of him for. As with all abuse animals he needs time, and as he is not young this will take longer. As far as I am concerned he can take all the time he needs.

So, after a few people complained that they had been chomped on, well come on people listen! the vet recommended painting a bright yellow warning box. The box was measured using a human, and seeing how far Magic could stretch. he has a surprisingly long neck, bit like a giraffe. The human was placed near the stable, and moved every time he could reach.
 I think it should have flashing lights and a recording stating "DONT STEP IN THE BOX" as you will be amazed at how many people still venture too near. So if you are privileged to come up and near the horses.... be warned Magic takes NO prisoners. 

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