Thursday, 8 June 2017

Live a Day in My Shoes!

Someone once said to me " the haters will always hate.... If you could walk on water, they would state you were too lazy to swim" Oh how true is that, no matter what I do, or how much we help, there are people that still bad mouth us.

Please.... Before you judge me... or anyone like me..... Please live one day in my shoes, living my life...

Please clean out all my animals, feed my mini zoo that grows on a daily basis.. Care for the sick and injured. Make sure you say sorry to the new dogs that cry in their kennels as they do not understand what is happening. Apologize over and over to the dogs with broken hearts... for things that you didnt do.

Please make decisions that will rip your heart apart, cry in your car when a dog dies at the vets, wipe blood of your clothes from dogs you have tried to save.

Please answer all the calls, emails, texts and shitty messages that I get every day, make sure you read the hateful comments that I see... about me.. from ignorant people, who have never met me, have never been "me" but of course they know more about being "me"

Please make sure that you feel the despair I feel, when I have to say no to people
Please feel the anxiety that I feel when Im forced to say yes to people
Please sit and worry about how to pay the vets and feed bills every month
Please feel the exhaustion that I feel when I have nothing left to give....... but still I give more

You will have to give up everything, your life, your sanity, and everything in your world, to help others.
You will struggle, and ask for help from others, and hope that it will arrive..... but know that it probably wont.
You hope that you are wrong, pray that you are wrong, but know that you are right

In truth, you signed up for this, no one else, so it boils down to the fact that all you have is you, and all the animals have is you. This is why Im proud, Im proud of what I have achieved, Im proud of what we do. If someone hates me, it is for being me, yet they know nothing of me, most have never done a good deed in their lives. They hate me, simply because I am good at what I do, and in their attempts to find my faults, they simply highlight their own.

I am who I am, and everyday I change the world for at least one animal, I do that, and I will continue to do that. I always sit back and remember.... "Rescue is a lifestyle" and together we are stronger, and are making a difference, so haters got to chirp, and our supporters will continue to grow...

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