Friday 23 June 2017

Scary Foreign Diseases!

Just to be clear I live in Gran Canaria, which is an island of the coast of Africa, and part of Spain. It is not outer Mongolia, it is not some strange and disease ridden place that has unknown diseases. Which is why I get really annoyed with UK vets and people in England stating utter rubbish.

UK vets really disgust me, when they come up with the most bizarre statements about diseases, and what "foreign" dogs might have..... Sorry to disappoint, we have the same as you, ticks, fleas, worms, we do have filaria which is heartworm spread by mosquitoes, but this is preventable, and treatable.

If one of our dogs so much as sneezes in the UK the vets instantly start grabbing the has mat suits
 and start claiming all manner of things. Now call me cynical, but this is often to get money out of you guys! All the dogs are vaccinated, they all have rabies, and have been tested for the four main diseases here. There is NOTHING more they need! 

Dont get me wrong not all vets are bad, but sadly a huge majority dont like Spanish dogs, and are disgusted that you have adopted from abroad. Surely, this is your choice?

So, if in doubt ask us first, we have nothing to hide, we know what the dog has and hasnt had, and we have been doing this long enough to know when someone is trying it on! 

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