Monday, 19 June 2017

Rescue..... The Word is Rescue!

I actually do wonder sometimes if people actually know what the word rescue means, Its not that hard, and if in doubt grab a dictionary. Just in case there is any doubt

RESCUE- to bring someone or something out of danger, harm and to make it safe

Rescue does not mean, save an animal then sell it for your own gain, or use it for profit.

So many times when we post the horses that have been rescued I get messages asking if I am selling them. When the answer is no, the next question is "why did you rescue them then" Maybe because they needed rescuing!

Is it really that hard to get your head around the fact that the horses are happy, safe, fat and enjoying life now. They dont need to have a "purpose" they weren't rescued to use for treking, or to sell, they were rescued to be expensive lawn ornaments that we love and are part of our family. Am I crazy ... yep, but that has never been in question!

Horses are amazing animals with so much to give back, yet humans are adamant they have to be worked, and "used" Well others maybe but mine....... there is nothing better than looking out of my kitchen window and seeing happy, healthy horses, and knowing they will never be treated like crap again!

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