Sunday 11 June 2017

Dog In the Bird Cage

We are called and messaged about a huge amount of chained up dogs, it has sort of become "normal" But the day I was told of the dog in the bird cage I stopped what I was doing and muttered WTF. Once I had clarified she meant a bird cage, and the photo came through of this dog in a bird cage, in the heat, there was no way we were leaving him there.

Now the Spanish have a "lets look and ponder" mentality, I have a lets rescue and get home mentality. With the GPS,  one photo and a bag full of treats off we went. We knew roughly where it was, but sadly one run down shack looks like another on this island. My trusty helpers, were useless, pointing out that in the background there was a bush..... errr hello there are a thousand bushed that are the same. 

Whilst we were having our afternoon stroll around a mountain, looking for a bush, it got hotter and hotter, causing me to get ratty. Now, if anyone knows me ratty means impatient, and by 30 minutes, I had enough, and was getting bored. We wandered and wandered, and just as we were aiming to give up, we spotted what we were looking for. 

     Yes a big pile of rubbish, and behind that was the bird cage, and one very sorry looking dog, who was chained inside. Not only had the owners left him in there with no water but chained! Come on people give us a break. As we approached the dog was far from friendly, but I had come this far, I was not leaving without him. he had no interest in treats, what he did have interest in was eating me. 

Now some dogs are simply ungrateful, and this was one, we managed to get the door open, and out he rushed teeth on show. With one of us in front waving treats, and one behind him I could see that the chain was attached to the cage. Oh joy, I had not thought to bring bolt cutters, note to self, put bolt cutters in car for next time. 

  Finally after loosing my shit with the chain I managed to get it unattached, and the dog was free, although he still wasnt very grateful. The walk back to the car was fast, and the dog thankfully had realized we were his meal ticket out of there. He was thrown in the back of the car, along with a packet of treats and off we went. 

  For all the do gooders that tell me that what we do is wrong, come on people a dog in a bird cage REALLY!! 

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