Saturday 24 June 2017

All Dogs Bite!

It still amazes me that people are shocked that dogs bite, and if you tell them that the dogs bite in the kennels they are mortified. All dogs bite, they bite each other, and sometimes they bite us, through both play and fear. Why do people only think that dangerous dogs, or bad dogs, bite, come on people all dogs have sharp pointy teeth, they are designed to bite!

In actual fact I would rather be bitten by a big dog, than a small dog, and cat bites are actually the worst. I have nearly caused ABH to a cat that bit me once, as the pain was so bad, and my hand was so infected for days after. Big dogs tend to bite and release, where as little dogs, bite, and bite, and bite.

Anyone that works with dogs that claims they have never been bitten is a liar, although I dont like to be bitten, it is common, especially as we work with both PPP's and scared abused dogs. I have been bitten grabbing scared dogs, moving dogs from one area to another, and of course bitten because I have broken up fights.
The skill is getting a graze, rather than a full on bite, which comes from knowing dogs, and moving fast. My legs tend to get bitten a lot as I always use that to prize dogs apart, but hey I have two so all is good.

Surprisingly the ppp's are not the human biters, and in fact statistically the good old family Labrador was recorded for the most dog bites last year. Placid, loyal, and a strong jaw!

So before you condemn a dog for biting, or question a kennel that is honest and admits they have fights. Think about how much these dogs go through, and why they are biting, they are not always bad, but usually terrified.

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