Thursday 29 June 2017

It Is A Bloody Snake!

I have a philosophy that all animals can live here, as long as they do not harm me, or my other animals, this includes rats and roaches. Now these two things we have, they run around at night, and if anyone tries to claim with animals, and feed, everywhere they dont have rats then they are liars. The rats on the whole are no problem, they steal the feed, and the odd egg, but hey I dont usually see them so all is good.

I was walking through the barn the other day, when I saw it..... it was on the floor, in plain sight, easily recognizable. I stopped, starred and said very loudly... "fuck" yep it was a snake skin, which wasn't there the night before.
A snake skin only means one thing, yep, we have a bloody snake and it isnt a small thing! Now what to do, well there is only one thing to do, repeat fuck over and over, and message hubby to say "fuck, we have a snake" Now him being a man, asks stupid questions like, "how big is it?" no panic, no worry, just always about the size!

After some googling, it seems that snakes are common here, and that its all ok they arent poisonous to people, only to animals. Errr hello I have a lot of them! Why did it have to wander on to my property, why did it have to drop its skin in my barn!

So, now we are wandering around, waiting for a snake, or snakes to pop out, like a scene from snakes on a plane. Oh yes there can never be just one snake, I bet there are hundreds! Where is Samual L Jackson, I need his bad arse tactics, to deal with this problem!

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