Sunday 25 June 2017

Summer is Here- Yippee!

Move to the canaries, it would be fun they said...... open a rescue center, in the middle of the mountains, where the air flow is zero and the temperatures rise all summer! Make sure you take on many animals that take hours to look after in the amazing temperatures! Am I some kind of stupid, please dont answer that!

When the summer months come to the island it is tough, there is nothing harder than trying to keep doing what we do in the heat. Thankfully summer appears to have come later this year, but even so it hit me yesterday like a speeding lorry out of control. Now, summers here are hard, even with a pool, and AC, but with neither, and loads to do, they are unbearable.

The temperature yesterday reached 48c throughout the day, meaning the task of making sure every animal had water was continuous. Feeding and cleaning in sticky heat is horrible, and makes me feel like a turtle walking through peanut butter. Everything becomes heavier, and harder to do, but it has to be done so no choice but to suck it up, and get on with it.

Even the chickens pant when the summer months are here, every animal is trying to cool down, in their own unique way. Many are like me and are ratty, which causes everyone to grumble more than usual.

Even the smallest things annoy me during the hot summer months, so it is easier just to stay away, even more than usual. I dont need stupid phone calls, or idiots on FB writing crap, what I need is light rain, and a cool breeze. But until then I advise to proceed with caution, if you really have to message or call, expect to be shouted at.

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  1. Hang on in there missus! I still love you even when you are grumpy!!