Friday, 16 June 2017

Transport Days Part Three....

Once through the doors and into the arms of the second half of the transport team, you have to navigate through the people , and head for the smallest lifts in the world. Again dogs travel on their own, and you pray someone presses the button.

After a trek all the dogs, and boxes arrive at the van, and the dogs all have to be got out of the boxes, some cleaned as they are sharing a box with shit, sick or both if we are really lucky. The dogs are then walked, given water, and a run down of who is who is given. Paperwork handed over, and everyone onboard.. time to relax ... NOT

Every box then needs to be cleaned, flat packed and wrapped for the return journey home in the morning. The wrapping is a task that involves clingfilm, and running round in circles, designed to ensure that after a long day you feel really sick.

After you have run round and round ensuring that the boxes are perfectly wrapped, you have to put them back on the tiny trolleys and find the airport bus. Oh did I not mention that we have to get from one terminal to another, with heavy flat packed boxes, impatient bus drivers, and no help from anyone. Once on the bus you can relax.... Yeah right, you have to hold on and pray that you do not die as the drivers drive like you are in a movie with a high speed car chase.

Back in the right terminal, and by now it is half way through the night, and time to find a plug socket and a vending machine.  We often end up on the floor as there is never enough seats in the airport. A couple of hours feels like eternity when you are on a cold airport floor waiting for check in to open.

When check in finally opens you begin again with the "excuse me" but also have to do the " no there arent animals in the cling filmed boxes" Then the check in row begins..... "yes they are dog boxes" "yes we know they wont fit on the belt" "yes we know where to go" "yes we know they are heavy"  and repeat until every package is tagged. 

Finally the boxes are loaded, boarding passes printed, luke warm airport coffee all drunk, and you can get on the plane to return home. Typically this is 20 hours after the journey begun, long exhausting day complete, but satisfying knowing that more dogs are on their way to their new homes. 

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