Thursday 1 June 2017

Early Morning Shearing....

Its not just the dogs, you have to remember we have many other animals that all need care, and every year the sheep/rams need to be sheared. Now this is a job we put off, not because we cant do it, but because we are not stupid enough to wrestle the crazy rams. So, my task of finding someone who is a little crazy and knows what they doing begun.

Thankfully I move in circles of crazy people, and knew exactly who to ask..... she is a friend, and married to a canarian guy who is very experienced with sheep. The date was set, the sheep were warned, and early one morning the shearing begun. You can always tell experienced people as they carry very little equipment, and he was no different..... A piece of string, and a pair of shearing scissors.

Sheep wrangling is an art, but once on their backs they are so quiet it is odd, and I must admit I did chuckle, as I saw Harry on his back starring at me, unable to move. The shearing was done so well, and so quickly, that the sheep didn't even know what hit them. 

 Harry now hates me more than ever before, he has a look of " I will wait, and I will ram you when you least expect it" The problem is he really doesnt look scary anymore, in fact he looks well..... stupid!  However, they are cooler, and more comfortable which is the most important thing..... three rams all sheared in less than two hours.... and I didnt have to wrestle a sheep... result! 

 Jumper anyone?

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