Tuesday 27 June 2017

Road Kill

As odd as it sounds, I always stop when I see an animal that has been hit by a car, even if they are dead. I stop to check if they are alive, and move them out of the road. There is not a lot I can do if they are dead, and I have not gone as far as to scoop them up, but I do move them into the bushes, or at least off the road so other idiots dont squash them.

Why do people consider it ok to run over an animal on the road, I know they are often dead, but come on that was once someones pet. Even if they weren't, they were a living creature, before becoming road kill. Sadly, where I live there is a long stretch of open road, and this is where most of the local cats and dogs get hit. Where the local idiots think they are in a formula one race, and drive at break neck speeds.

I even make my husband stop, and reverse the car so I can check that the animal is dead, I tend to worry all day that it may have been alive, and needing help if I dont check. Now I have read all the correct ways to slowly pull over, hazards on, and make sure you get out of the carefully. In fact what usually happens, is I scream "crap", stop the car, hit reserve at high speed, and pull over in the middle of the road, blocking everything.

All I can hope for then is that they have not been there a while, as they tend to stick to the road, not going to go into details, but you can probably imagine that the animal isnt moving without a struggle.  How people eat roadkill is beyond me, I would rather eat straw, but hey each to their own I suppose.
I have the ability to check for microchips, and I will if I can to give me peace of mind that I have done everything. I also tend to call the dog catcher if it is a dog, as they need to be collected, trust me dead dogs in this heat, boy do they smell!

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