Tuesday 6 June 2017

Operation Unicorn!

Rescuing animals is never easy, and never straightforward, and when you rescue all shapes and sizes it is very stressful. I didn't set out to rescue horses, it just sort of happened, and now we have four! One recently joined our crazy world, in a frantic rescue of, can we beat the guy with the gun, as she was destined to be shot.

Saturday started well, not too many can I take messages, so I went and saw some friends, drank coffee, and had 10 minutes to myself. When my phone went off, and there it was the message I hate, can you take, and with a stupidly small timescale to do so. Now if it was a dog, cat, even goat they get thrown in my car, but when it is a horse, I need extra man power.

On my phone was a photo of a horses leg, and a message of, owner will shoot manana, as no use to him anymore, can you help? So of course, I thought about this for ages, discussed with hubby, planned where it was going, spoke to the vet...... Hell did I , I replied of course, without processing all of the above.

I am a woman of act NOW and think later, but what the hell, this horse needed a chance, as she didn't deserve to be shot, as she was "no use" anymore. So frantic calls, and messages happened all afternoon, trying to get sense out of four different Spanish people is stressful, but finally it was all arranged. Then we had to wait..... now waiting I don't do well, and out of pure bad luck I was getting on a plane within a few hours.

Operation unicorn, was being left to my daughter, and the transport guy, so needless to say I was messaging her every five minutes with "horse?" Thankfully, all went well, and everyone followed my instructions to the letter..... People know better than to waiver from my instructions! One horse saved, and happy.

 The vet is due in the next few days to assess the damage to her leg, but for the moment she is walking, eating, and greeting us with the usual happy sounds, of thanks for saving me..... Now where the hell to put another horse...... better get building. 

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