Monday 26 June 2017

Beware of the Bins!

Our rubbish here is collected in communal bins that are along the road, either wheelie bins, or in the ground style. Both are scary, and I dread driving past them, why you may ask? well its because people dump animals in the bins here, or next to the bins!

People ask me all the time, why do they dump animals in bins.... the two reasons I can only ever think of is that they consider them rubbish... something to dispose of, oh and they are arseholes! Placing them next to the bins seems to be some "kinder" way because people may find them! The problem is people like me drive past bins looking for animals, sad but true.

Over the years we have found so many animals by the bins,and I will never understand it. Cookie was left by the bins with her puppies, the box was tied shut with wire, no way for  her to escape, as always it was a hot day and she was lucky we found her when we did. 
We have found dogs in bags thrown on the side of the road 

Ducks in bags left by the bins, and so many kittens and puppies it is soul destroying. 
 People ask me how I know when a box has an animal in it, and its not rubbish, to be honest I just know, there is something different about a dumped box. The way it is placed not thrown, the care that was taken to try and make it visible. Am I saying this is better, hell no, but at least they are not likely to be squashed by the compactor, as binmen dont look in bins, they simply empty and crush. 

Sadly this week a small dog lost its life from being thrown into the rubbish bin, it ended up in the compactor, and although they heard it screaming, they didnt get to her in time. They pulled her out, and she went to the vet but she had multiple internal injuries from being crushed! Sadly this is the world we now live in RIP little one <3

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  1. That could have happened to GI Joe....thats heartbreaking