Wednesday 7 June 2017

Free to a Bad Home!

We have become a throw away society which means that many people no longer want their family pets. This leaves them with three options:

1. hand your dog into a kill pound
2. hand your dog into a local rescue
3. give the dog away for free on a buy and sell site

ALL three options make you an arsehole, but if they have to do one of the three, I really wish they didn't pretend giving it away for free was the best option, as it rarely is going to end well.  Many people feel guilty about handing their dogs over to a rescue or pound, so decide that giving it to a complete stranger is better. However, this is one of the most stupid things you could ever do, and will almost get your dog killed.

Animal abusers, and dog fighters love free dogs, they spend hours searching the online sites, waiting for the free animals. The animals they want have no value, therefore, the free part is all they care about. Abusers want the dog for sick pleasure, and fighters want them for bait, so the moment you give your dog away for free, you are signing them up for years of torture, or if they are lucky a quick death.

The defense people use is " I will only give my dog away to a good home" REALLY!!!  Evil people do not walk around with a Tshirt that says animal abuser on it, they are "normal" people that blend in, they want you to trust them, and give them your dog. Dog fighting is a big business, where thousands is made, therefore, they are looking for free "bait" to train with.

 Far too many puppies and small dogs are torn apart by horrible people that you thought were " good people". I have seen many dogs that have been saved from bait rings, and picked up dead bodies of ones not so lucky! So If you ever consider giving your dog away for free to "a good home" please DONT 

There are options, there are always options, how about the you keep the dog, you committed to it for life, so how about you step up and make that commitment. If you really have no other option (although there are always options) swallow your pride and ask for help from the rescues, and pounds. Open your eyes this is going on, and you could be involved! 

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