Friday, 30 June 2017


Growing up I always believed that trolls were the guys that lived under the bridge, when the Billy Goat Gruff trip trapped over the top. They were harmless, fairy tale creatures, but sadly today there are trolls everywhere!
Internet trolls are bad news, and they are lurking everywhere, slagging off people, causing problems, and generally an annoying pain in the arse a bit like piles! Trolls pop up often on my pages, and on my blog, writing crap, with no substance, and causing issues when there are none. Sending messages with the stupid statements of " is that about me" "it better not be" Im a great believer in if you think something is written about you, then you have a guilty mind, therefore, that is your issue not mine.

These people are nasty, bored, have a lower intelligence, and are generally out to upset people, they have no real worth in the world, and if they stopped existing, no one would miss them.
I find it so sad that anyone can go on a page and insult volunteers, people who give up their time, energy and own money to help dogs in need. I tend to not feed the trolls anymore, not because they are right, but because if you feed them they grow. As they grow, they think they are important, therefore, ignoring them is the better option.

So, for the troll that is stalking me at the moment, keep reading, keep investing your time and energy into your pointless rants, whilst I get on with important things like saving animals.

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