Thursday 15 June 2017

Transport Days... Oh how we love them.. Part Two.........

So the journey continues..... off to normal security now, which is a chore in itself, you know the place, where a small white tray is pushed towards you, and you have to remove everything and join a queue longer than the great wall of china. Now security always poses two issues, firstly I tend to wear muddy boots everywhere, so when these go in the pristine tray, this can be an issue... sorry to the next person using my tray.

Also you have to get the dog out of its carry on bag, and carry it through the xray machine. Great, then you have to try and shoe horn and excited dog back into the bag whilst being thrust your tray, bags, etc etc With this over, you can head for the gate, where everyone stares as your bag is wriggling, barking, and generally being a pain!

If we are held up at any point, then we hold everything up, so I apologize if you are ever delayed by us, and can hear the loud announcements of "will the dog lady please board NOW" Even on a good day with no delays, the process of getting on a plane, into the teeny seat with one rucksack, and a dog in a rucksack is a task.
Many times they leave the whole row empty, but on packed flights this is not possible, meaning that the dog ends up on your lap. Sadly not out of the bag, so this ends up perched on your lap, Usually takes a while for the person next to you to realize there is an animal, and then there are two reactions. You get the "awwwwwwwww its a dog" with lots of stupid noises, and stroking of the bag. Or the look of complete disgust that they have had to travel next to a ........ Dog!!!!
Let the uncomfortable flight begin, thankfully it is not that long, and when those wheels touch down you can hear the dogs barking below you, everyone stares, and your first thought, is get me off this plane NOW. Depending on which flight you are on, will determine how fast you have to move to get off the plane. One takes HOURS to bring the dogs up, and another throws them down the luggage belt, and if you arent there to catch them, oh well. 

When you arrive at the luggage belt, you have to grab two trolleys, for four boxes, stand next to the emergency stop button, as the boxes tend to get stuck as they come through the hole. Then you wait..... the dogs are either always the first, or the last....... you either hear the dogs frantically barking, or suddenly see a box appear. 

Now, they dont stall the boxes, which means they come out one after another, in very quick succession. You have to learn how to get a dog box off the moving luggage belt, and turn to repeat, before the next one passes you. Needless to say no one helps, and some even moan that there are dogs near their bags. Once all four are off and on the floor, you then have to pile boxes on top of one another, and push. 

Again no one helps, no one even gets out of the way, so you tend to spend the 10 minute walk, screaming "excuse me" . No one sees two trolleys piled high with boxes heading towards them, or more likely they simply do not care. Thankfully on the other side of the glass doors is one of the team, who when they can see you are struggling, do tend to pop in and help.

Part three manana......


  1. Do you always do the journey to Madrid with them Louise? Everyone who adopts a dog from you from abroad needs to read this as 1. They get the dog delivered to their door without lifting a finger and 2. they may understand more why the dog is traumatised and needs time to settle xxxxx

  2. One of us always do to make sure the dogs are ok, and that everything is done correctly