Monday, 12 June 2017

Can Kittens Swim?

I was driving down the motorway one day when my phone rang, I ignored it how good am I..... then it rang and rang and rang, So, I answered it. It was a woman stating that a feral kitten had fallen in her pool, and was drowning. I asked where, it happened to be the next junction, so I pulled off and headed for her apartment.

Now, by the time I got there I was expecting her to have got the kitten out of the pool, nope it was bobbing up and down, basically drowning. The woman was stood on the side of the pool , flapping her arms, and screaming, but doing not a lot else. I grabbed the pool skimmer and scooped the kitten up and out of the water.

 Wrapping the kitten in my tshirt, I asked why she had just stood there, her answer, she didnt want to get wet WTF. She said that she had called me, was that not enough? As I pointed out if I had been further away the kitten would have been dead. Her answer...... "lucky you were near by then" 

Off I stomped, one wet kitten in my shirt, and a bigger dislike for humans. 
I am never amazed by peoples stupidity.

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  1. I'm surprised you stopped yourself from landing her one!!!