Sunday 4 June 2017


I am a huge fan of recycling, I honestly do think if more people recycled we could all make a difference. I recycle loads of things, from the normal, bottles, paper, plastics, even wood, rocks, oh and animals. Ok, technically recycling animals is simply a term we use for taking, but it sounds so much better.

Before, anyone dials 911, I am talking about taking animals that are abused, starved, or worse. Although we work with the policia, I know that the "system" takes a long time here, and often the animals have died, before the paperwork gets pushed from one to another. So, I usually end up recycling the animals, then do the paperwork after.

Now, jumping over peoples walls, is an art as I don't actually want to get caught in the act, as this can cause people to freak. I once jumped over my neighbors wall, as I thought he was dead, needless to say he wasnt, as he caught me peering in his kitchen window. So, we do spend a while walking around, taking photos of the animals, making sure we have a clear path to take the animal, and get it in the car.

Animals in danger, or that have been abused do tend to come quickly, as if they know they are finely free of their chains, or that the yummy tin of food I am waving is the first of many. They simply know that we are the good guys, and that this is their chance. I am often asked if I feel bad for taking someones animals, "nope" not at all, sorry but if you looked after your animals, I wouldn't have been called.

Another question asked is, "dont the owners call the police" Honestly, no they don't, as we only ever recycle animals that are in need, if they called the policia, they would have to explain the state of their animals. Therefore, the animals are safe, the paperwork is issued, and can take as long as it wants, and the so called owner, can piss off for all I care.

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