Sunday 18 June 2017

Worst Things To Say To Me!

There are several things that get said to me often, and these tend to make me laugh or shudder depending on the mood I'm in! Here is a few of the worst things people say to us, and if you are in animal rescue, I am sure you have heard these:

1. I sent an email half an hour ago and you have not bothered to get back to me, Why cant you be bothered? Dont you want to find homes for the dogs?

Come on people we are not here for your every whim, we have families, jobs oh and lives. Alongside that we are actually busy feeding the dogs, playing with the dogs, going to the vets, the pounds, the police station, transporting dogs, and doing piles of paperwork. Also your email is probbaly behind 30 other emails that I got before you.

2. What do you mean you ask for an adoption fee? Surely you should be giving them away for free?

Why do people think that the moment you ask an adoption fee then you are making money. Rescue dogs are expensive. The adoption doesn't even begin to pay for everything involved with these dogs. Yes we get reduced rates at the vets, and a lot of our food is donated, there are still vets bills, transport costs, collars leads, bowls, and if the dog is sick or needs surgery, then the cost spirals.

3. We love the look of "fifi" but have holidays booked, and school trips, oh and lunches, and family stuff, so can you hold her for us, for say six months. 

Short answer..... NO

Long answer.......the longer the dogs stay here the more chance they have of being attacked, and they take up a vital space of another needy dog. It is far more beneficial for a dog to go to a new home rather than being sat in kennels.

Sarcastic answer...... Do you really have the time for a dog, if you dont even have the time in your busy life to pick it up?

4. I really love dogs, I really want to adopt one, oh did I mention I gave my last dog away because my girlfriend was allergic/ my landlord told me too/ it got too big. 

I understand that life can be tough, and sometimes we have to make tough decisions, but blatantly, you dont love dogs that much as you gave your last dog away. I think you have to ask yourself, do you really love dogs, or the idea of having a dog.

5. I see you have a "mix" breed dog needing a home, what is the mix?

This seems like a sensible question, however, if I knew the mix I would have stated it. We write mix, as it is shorter than " have no fucking clue" 90% of the dogs we save have been dumped at the pound, therefore, we have no idea.

6. Those adorable one day old puppies that you found in a bin, what breed are they?

REALLY! come on people they were in a bin, the scumbag that threw them in there, didn't write a birth certificate stating parentage... Think people think!

7. I want a dog that doesnt bark, chew, poop or dig, one that never sheds, and wont be clumsy. I work a 50 hour week, and wont be home much, what dog can I have?

I think you need to go to Toys R Us and go get a toy dog, it would be better suited to your list!

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