Wednesday 13 December 2017

Do Not Dismiss Them

Alongside the oldies that are up for adoption, there are several dogs that are special and unique, these dogs need homes that understand their issues, and quirks. Some have deformed legs, others have one eye, or one ear, or in Nemo's case, he is blind, with added water on the brain. Now being a Chihuahua, he got a lot of attention, until people saw that he was special.

When his photo first went on the page, my inbox lit up, I had so many messages stating they loved him, wanted him, were the perfect home for him.  Sadly this changed when I wrote about Nemo's medical issues, and the fact he was blind.

Now I get some people want more information, and to go away and research what is exactly needed. However, all the people that were sooooooo in love with him, ran for the hills. One woman in fact messaged to ask if I meant "completely" blind, and when she was told yes, stated "I don't do disabled"

This really gets to me, as Nemo' doesn't consider himself to be disabled, Nemo is funny, and responsive, and loving. He needs a home that doesn't care that he cannot see the awful world we live in, in fact he is actually very lucky, not to have to see that every day. Yes Nemo may need extra care, but the blindness is not an issue.

To dismiss a dog that you were so in love with due to this is wrong, and the basic fact is you were so in love with  the breed, not the photo, or the dog. All you wanted was a Chihuahua, and if this is the case, then please feel free to keep walking, as I want a home for Nemo that will love him for being him.

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