Saturday, 11 August 2018

No Dogs On The Bed!

I am quite chilled where my own dogs are concerned, however, there is one strict rule, which is no dogs on the bed. This is due to several factors, including the sheer number we have when you have 10 dogs, several very large ones, it is not possible to share a bed. Also it is one of the few places in my life that doesn't actually stink of dog, and I like to keep it that way.

One of my Yorkie's does sneak on the end of the bed occasionally, until I do the roll and kick motion, which typically launches him across the room. I am a wriggler when I am asleep, which results in the cats being launched often, as they try and get comfy on me, and I move, wriggle, roll, and repeat.

So, overall the bed is relatively clear, which is great, one safe place to get comfy without an animal.

Until..... Cinders the poorly puppy arrived, now Cinder's has no idea of rules, or personal space. She manages to get on the bed without anyone noticing, and I often wake to find her staring at me.

Now due to the fact she is poorly, I sort of let it go, but she is growing, and is now taking up a chunk of the bed. The moment I sit or lay on the bed, she is there, like my shadow.

I'm hoping when she is feeling better to be tougher on her, however, I doubt it as she has an ability to do huge puppy eyes, which are so pathetic and needy. I apologize in advance to whoever adopts her, as she will expect to be on the bed every time you are!

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