Saturday 25 August 2018

Read The Advert

When I post on FB I make sure that all information is there, as it is a waste of mine and other people's time if they cannot find basic information out about a dog. So, in the first line there is the dogs name, sex and age in capital letters. Under that it is repeated, then a description of the dog, then the information regarding what the dog has had done.

Then, why do I have at least 10 messages a day asking me the age of a dog, or if it has been neutered. Can people not read? or simply do not read properly, and it isn't just me. A foster mum did an advert the other day for some puppies, she wrote that they POO WEE and CHEW, a woman then attacked her for a bad choice of names.

I kid you not, the woman had not read the advert and thought that these were the puppies names.
On so many levels this was the most stupid thing I have ever seen. Firstly there are five puppies, so what we didn't name two of them? secondly if she had read the advert correctly she would have seen this was actually a description of what they do, there was no mention of being called that.

The woman didn't even want a puppy, yet another troll jumping on a post without actually taking the time to read the post. Do these people have nothing better to do than trawl FB finding posts, and writing crap. I urge these people, please go and get a life, find an activity away from the screen, get some fresh air, and learn to read!

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