Monday 20 August 2018

He Just Wants To Leave

I saw a post on FB the other day from a "so called rescue" slagging off the Spanish guy that I had helped in the past. It claimed he had taken more dogs, they were all starving, the cats were out of control. 

Now this shocked me, as I know this guy, I have kept in contact with him since operation catch a cat, and he is honestly a lovely guy. So, I messaged the group and asked if they had actually been to his finca, or was it typical he says she says. They stated they had been, and it was all soooooooo awful. 

I messaged the guy and asked if I could come and see the dogs he had left, and of course he welcomed me with open arms, everything was the same, clean, well fed animals, just too many. The cats looked great, well fed, no more kittens, and the dogs had not increased in numbers. They had not decreased either, which is so frustrating. 

I spoke with him, and he explained he had been offered a job on another island, but he could not leave the dogs. He had asked every Spanish organisation to help, all they had done is post on FB, none had actually helped. He wanted to rehome them, so he could leave, his kindness towards these abandoned animals, had now trapped him on the island. 

I agreed to take another two dogs, should I have.... nope I am SATURATED, however, I feel for this guy, he never asked for these dogs, he simply cared. No one is helping him, if every organisation simply took one dog, then he could leave. 

He has 14 dogs left, which is still a huge number, and sadly of course they are all big... black... male... not overly friendly. I have promised him I will help him to the end, so whether it breaks me I will help him, as I always keep my promises.


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