Sunday 2 June 2019

No, I won't be "Persuaded"

Over the years there have been several times when people have asked me to make a decision on adoptions, based on their shall we say generous offer of a larger adoption fee. The first time this happened I was honestly shocked, but now when it happens I get angry.

Why do people feel if they can offer more money that makes them more suitable to adopt. The amount you have in your bank account doesn't impress me, the way you conduct yourself as a human being does. My dogs are not items that can be bid on, and I find it incredibly offensive that people think that I can be "persuaded" this way.

People have said to me in the past "take the money, who will know" The thing is I would, I would know that I let a dog go to a home purely because they waved money at me. I am many things, but that is not me, my dogs deserve the best and I always promise them that is what they will get.

A woman stooped to a whole new level yesterday when she offered me a load of furniture, in exchange to pull a dog off a transport going to a new home. The woman is here on the island, giving away furniture, (I have a charity shop, just in case you wondered) So I commented, she then sent me a message through the page, asking if a certain dog was available.

I explained he was booked to go to the UK, which is when the passive aggressive messages started, stating that it is incredibly stressful for dogs to go to the UK and it would be better for him to stay here on the island. I explained that being a bit of an expert on animal transportation, that it really wasn't stressful, and repeated he was going to the UK.

The delightful lady then stated she would give me all the furniture for the charity shop, if I gave her the dog, she asked if I could be "persuaded" When I explained that is not how I ran my charity, and that I was offended that she considered my dog to be no more than something to "buy"

Needless to say the lady then in typical fashion got all defensive, and demanded my charity accounts. Trying to make out that I am doing something wrong, not seeing what she had done, written, or offered was well, disgusting to say the least.  So, safe to say I lost the donation, but hey kept my morals, my dignity and continue to run my charity with my head held high.

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