Friday 12 October 2018

GoodBye Jabba

You cannot save them all, I think I am going to ram those words down someones throat soon. I use that phrase, but I am sure it is to simply make me feel better, which actually it doesn't at all. The logic is I know I cannot save them all, however, it doesn't stop the frustration when I have to let one go.

Jabba's test results came in this week, the results were as we thought they would be.. bad! he had cancer, of course he did, there was really no other explanation for the awful growth covering his body. Even before the results, I knew the outcome was not going to be good, as he got worse.

One of his ears was full of tumor, and I noticed that he was struggling to balance, his eyesight on that side was affected, and he would stare at the wall for long periods of time. As I sat with him before the visit to the vet the light had gone out in his eyes, and it was obvious he was in pain.

I said my goodbyes, and then I got angry, as yet again a beautiful dog had to die, because of human neglect. Would he have still got the cancer of course, but had he been treated before it took hold, or even seen a vet sooner the outcome could have been so different.

Why do humans never ask for help, they simply watch an animal suffer, and when they don't want to make the tough decisions, simply discard it for others to pick up the pieces. So to Jabba's old owners, dont worry I sat with your dog until he took his last breath, I stroked his head and told him he would be pain free, and that he was going to the place with endless bones. RIP Jabba... Im sorry I could not save you <3


  1. Im so sorry. Tears falling for the little baby. RIP Baby. So, so sad. Xxxx

  2. Poor little guy. RIP Jabba. XXX ☹️