Thursday 4 October 2018

My Student You Have learnt So Much!

Well, what can I say last week was a first, I managed to interact with a human for six days and not kill them. All joking aside it was actually a very interesting, and enjoyable few days. For me not a lot changed as I rushed around, doing what I do but the difference was I had someone following me who had a genuine interest in my rescue.

I made it very clear before my minion arrived that I had doubts, and that in many ways I wish I had never opened my mouth and allowed it to happen. However, I admit that I was wrong, and that it was an incredibly beneficial for my charity, and I even learnt a few things about me.

From the moment she landed it was obvious that she was going to fit in, her humor was very similar to mine, and her passion to learn about my charity was real. She showed an interest, she wanted to see everything, and understand why I do what I do. She didn't judge, she observed, and even admitted that some of her views had been changed by her visit.

There are many awful things on this island, but there are also some incredible people, and I allowed her in to my world to meet them. She literally walked in my shoes, asking questions, but not in an annoying way. Taking in everything, and it was great to have a pair of hands to help that actually wanted to help.

At no point did I fluff things up, I literally did what I do everyday, cleaning, feeding, vets, pounds.... and repeat.... When she said that she was going to do "live" videos I took a deep breathe, but again she did them well, and made people sit up and take notice. Soon, the Kate Adie of animal rescue was out there everyday going "live" at every opportunity.

Watching them back I saw a side of my rescue that I had not seen, as when you are absorbed in the middle, it is hard to see the wood for the trees. I begun to realize that people did support what I do, and that a huge majority actually did understand.

My minion came as a stranger, but left as a friend, we laughed, we joked, we bitched, we moaned.. oh hang on that was me .... most of all she listened, and she advised, not in a judgmental, I can do this better way, but in a have you thought about doing it this way.

As I bid her farewell at the airport, the master was happy that the student had learnt... she had learnt that dog shit spray gets everywhere..... that when buying cans of coke, to look at the picture of the cherry, and realize that it was cherry coke, that she needs a map, to understand where Madrid is, and not think we were going to Malta.. oh wait was it Malaga!

She learnt that horses eat banana's, and that the feed bin was the safest place to leap on when the sheep run past. She learnt that every rock tells a story, and that King Kong will one day reach the top. These and many more vital life skills she took home with her, so my student I will see you soon, and you can continue folding my washing, and lecturing me about holes!

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