Saturday 27 October 2018

I Hate Wet Feet

Well it is that time of year when the skies open up and it rains, now before everyone says "Its only a bit of rain" yes it is, and the island desperately needs it, however, when I see the forecast my heart now sinks. For me it is not "only a bit of rain" and it isn't "great for the ducks" as so many people state. For me it means, devastation, expense, tears and wet feet.

The rain started slowly which is manageable, the dogs went out much to their disgust. Then it got heavier, and heavier, and the mud started to move, and the gutters begun to bend, and then all hell broke loose. Mother Nature is a bitch, and when she wants to make a point, she makes it with full fury.

For me, sat on top of  a mountain, with no real protection, no real house, and very old buildings basically I am fucked. As I watch the water pouring through my house, bringing the mud with it, and the water running down the walls into all the electrics all I can do is watch.

I know it is only time before we loose the power, which means I then have no way of charging phones, making coffee or keeping sane. The more I try and keep animals safe and dry, the wetter I get, with wet feet , soaking clothes, and no way of keeping warm, the day is pretty miserable.

A friend asked me "what do you do when it rains" and the simple answer is pray for it to stop, and ride it out. There is a certain amount of sweeping you can do, and buckets help to a point, but after five solid hours of torrential rain, there is a point, when no more can be done.

I think unless you experience flash floods and storms to the scale we do, you will never fully understand the dread, and fear you feel. So, needless to say my sense of humor went, and a few people got the wrath of my temper, as they whinged and moaned because I was late answering them, or had not been online much. As I sat waiting for mother nature to decide she had rained enough, I looked down, and muttered to myself... "I really hate wet feet"

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