Thursday 18 October 2018

Why Help Foreign Dogs?

One of the most asked questions these days it seems is why do people help foreign dogs, when the pounds and rescues are full in the UK. Well for me it is simple, I live abroad so these dogs arent foreign, but for all the people who adopt they are, so what makes them want to adopt from abroad?

The debate, arguments and stupid comments surrounding adopting from abroad baffles me, when an animal needs our help, does it really matter where it comes from? Dogs don't know where they were born, they have no concept of borders, and countries. It is us humans that have split the world into different areas, and made it a territory debate.

Many people struggle to rehome from UK rescues, which I am amazed about, but the amount of my adopters that state they were refused due to having children, or working, or having a small garden is crazy. I have noticed more and more that the majority of the people that are criticizing adopting from abroad, have in fact bought from a breeder, and have no idea what they are talking about.

I am often accused of taking homes from dogs in the UK, this is simply not the case, I am offering people another option. I am helping dogs on a very small island that have no chance of a home. I always think that the people complaining about foreign dogs, could spend their time complaining about breeders and irresponsible owners in the UK.

There are never going to be enough homes in the world, so it simply comes down to numbers, aiming to save as many as possible. Sadly the ignorance shown is widespread throughout many UK rescues and many vets. Over the years the number of dogs in rescues all over the world has increased not decreased which is concerning, and shows we are doing something wrong on a huge scale.

The world needs to change  its attitude to rehoming dogs, and look at the bigger picture of how to make changes. The Yulin meat festival causes huge outcry with people in the UK getting behind saving these dogs, yet a small rescue in Spain gets slammed for trying to help. Maybe it is because f the huge social frenzy behind what happens in Yulin.

One of the biggest dumb statements I hear is that foreign dogs are damaged, or difficult. So many people are quick to dismiss things they know nothing about rather than taking the time to do some research. All rescue dogs are amazing, loving dogs, it doesnt matter where they come from.

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