Monday 8 October 2018

Murtle The Mole Rat!

I received a call for help last week from one of the holding pounds, they had found a dog, well, we presumed it was a dog, although it did look more like a naked mole rat!

A small terrified Pod pup had been found, with no hair, infected skin, and one of the worse cases of scabies I have ever seen.

The poor dog was red raw, had swollen limbs, and was basically one huge mess., so of course I said yes to helping. As always there was no way I could say no to this dog, or the people asking for help. 

Murtle as she was christened was incredibly sick, and the first 48 hours was critical. She was put on fluids, and various other antibiotics, and drugs to try and bring the infections under control. So whilst my guest slept..... I got up every two hours to check on Murtle, and ensure she was still with us.

I reminded my minion how I had got up every two hours, throughout the whole day! As the I am walking in your shoes, seems to only apply to daylight hours. In her defense she didn't hear the vet tell me to check on Murtle every two hours, or so she claims!

This little pod is a fighter, and she came through the first 48 hours eating well, with a desire to live. Murtle is doing well, and with time, and meds she will regain the hair. Scabies is something that cannot be rushed, and Murtle will be with me for at least three months. Small steps every day and she will one day turn into a beautiful pod, rather than a naked mole rat!

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