Monday 29 April 2019


Fostering is a huge part of what I do, and I have an amazing team in the UK, we are always looking for more like minded people to join the team, however, it is not for everyone. I'm sure some people want to foster for the glory, the look at me, aren't I amazing saving the little doggy.

If this is you, and you want to foster for the pats on the back, and the selfies, then please keep walking. You are there to help my dog on its journey. None of this is about you, it is all about them. I have got that dog so far, and now it needs help to learn the correct skills, and behavior to find a home.

Fostering also means I have spaces in the kennels, meaning that more lives are saved. My foster mums are amazing people, they open their homes, lives, and hearts to my dogs. They love them as if they were their own, but also know they are there for a reason. The foster mum's are simply a stepping stone to a fantastic home, which offers everything they need.

My team would tell you:
  • Yes, it is sad when the dogs go, and yes there are tears often spilt, but because they love them so much, and are happy to see them find their forever home. 
  • It is deeply emotional and can be mentally draining, but also immensely satisfying. 
  • They do not take lightly the trust that I place in them with my dogs
  • The dogs journey is celebrated, every step of the way 
  • They do not want thanks or recognition for what they do, as they choose to do this selfless thing
  • They do not foster because it is easy 
Many people do not understand how the foster team can say goodbye when they have seen the dog grow and adjust. However, that is the exact reason why they are there, to help these dogs get adopted. Once that has happened, their job is complete. 

As the dog is ready, the foster mums are too, they are ready to let go, to allow the dog the happiness of a family of their own. The place that they have told the dog all about, and have been building up to. Then they are ready to do it all again, with another dog, and another journey.

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