Wednesday 10 April 2019

It Is All About The Size!

When I started doing this, all that time ago, I said I wanted to be different, I did not want to only take small, cute, fluffy easy adopts. I wanted to take any dogs that needed me. Far too many other "rescue groups" cherry pick, they want the puppies, the breeds, the small cute dogs. Basically the dogs that my two year old grandson could rehome.

I often get the call, starting with "we have asked everyone else, they have said no" I still wonder why they don't come to me first, but hey I'm used to it by now. I know why they have said no, because the dog is big, or a challenge, or going to take time, effort and money.

So, when I got the call the other day, I rolled my eyes, and asked the person to tell me more, about the two dogs that no one else would help. They had been chained up all their lives, they were big, they were un neutered, blah blah blah .... they weren't old though, or ill so what was so difficult. Then the photos came...

I would like to point out I had said yes, before the photos, so there was no going back. Well, how big could two Saint Bernards be.... So big in fact they had to be collected and transported on their own.

Now don't get me wrong these pair are HUGE, Bjorn the male weighs in at 86.7KG and is horny as hell, spending his days attempting to shag anything with a pulse. I am currently spending my days screaming FFS stop shagging, at the top of my lungs. Whilst watching male dogs run for their lives, as he has no care what sex they are when he batters them to the ground and gets jiggy with their faces.

Do they take up a huge amount of space, yes, are they going to be a challenge to rehome, and god help the girls on transport, however, they deserve a chance like every other dog. Why should they get overlooked because of their size, isn't that what animal rescue is all about, no dog gets left behind?

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