Monday 9 April 2018

Rescue V Breeder Debate

I am about to open up that can of worms, but to be honest I do not care, as comparing rescue to breeders is like saying apple and oranges are the same. A FBD went up for adoption yesterday, therefore my inbox filled quicker than a leaking boat. A huge majority of applicants already have a FBD, so I ask the question..... "Is it a rescue" knowing that 90% of the people are going to say no.

So, of course I then ask why buy from a breeder, and some people have reasonable answers, and feel their decision was correct. Other people are simply stupid, and believe that we need breeders for FBD in the world. Now don't get me wrong not all breeders are bad, and yes there is a place for them in the world. However, over breeding a fashionable breed for profit is not a reason in my mind!

A woman argued with me yesterday that it was not the breeders who caused the pounds to be full, and that it was irresponsible owners. Yes to a point, but without the breeders, we would not have so many puppies in the world. Rescues and pounds are overflowing with dogs, and many are pure bred, therefore, breeders are not needed.

I always think that if these people spent a day wandering around kill shelters, then their attitudes may change. Sadly though I think there are a large number of people that believe breeders are important, so they can buy their designer puppy when they want to.

It is easy to say oh well everyone has a choice, yes they do.... but does the female dog? Does she have a choice? Nope humans make this choice, to breed over and over, making money from her womb.

A HUGE majority of puppies end up in pet shops, or sold in local papers to people that want a FBD. This trend has caused the world to go mad, and as with every trend it has yet to loose its appeal. A lady told me she bought from a breeder as the list for a rescue FBD was too long. Surely if you really wanted to rescue, you would have waited on that list. Sadly we are a world though that want things NOW.

Although I do try and see it from other people's point of view, I find it hard to justify buying from a breeder, so when you apply, and I ask the questions, work with me. Be honest, answer the questions, and we can work together to educate each other. Don't dismiss my questions, state im rude, and have a temper tantrum. Telling me that I will never find a better home for my dog, will not push you to the top of the adopt list, trust me you will be right down the bottom in the NEVER getting one of my dogs pile.

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