Sunday 22 April 2018

Home Inspection!

I get many calls and messages to take random animals from people that are idiots and have got a cute fluffy small creature that has grown into a monster animal when fully grown. The other day when I was driving home a friend messaged and asked "want a duck" thankfully I read it right, as the immediate response was "go on then"

So, it seems that a friend of a friend had bought a duckling from a pet shop *shudder* as it was cute, and fluffy, and yellow, and was lovely. Fast forward two months, and she now had a monster size duck living in her shower, shitting all over her bathroom. I agreed that this was not the best place, and told the friend, to tell the friend to contact me, and I would take the duck.

After a long conversation I had explained that our ducks live outside, and that they have  a pond, and other duck friends, and that no we don't eat the ducks. This woman went on and on and on, and at one point I did feel like screaming down the phone "for god sake woman anything is better than your shower" but I was very good and stopped myself.

The crazy woman then decided that she wanted to carry out an inspection of daffy's living area, she did in fact use those words, not I will pop around for a chat, but that she wanted to do a full inspection to decide if I was suitable. Now, correct me if I am wrong but I'm not the one keeping a duck in my shower.

Needless to say I told her to go away, and get a grip, if she wanted my help fine, but don't think you have the right to dictate when you keep an animal in a shower. The woman did eventually come off her high horse, and agreed to give us the duck who was actually Deirdre, not Daffy!!

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