Sunday 29 April 2018

When Did We Stop Caring?

Last week was an incredibly long week, one thing after another, eleven new dogs had come through the doors, paperwork up to my ears, all I wanted was a glass of wine at the end of yet another long day. Driving home from the vets, I was imagining the wine, the peace, the few hours of sitting doing nothing. 

I saw the dead cat on the side of the road first, which is always sad to see, another cat killed by idiot drivers, left on the side of the road like rubbish. As I got closer, I saw something that made a tear instantly roll down my face. Laid next to her, and dangerously close to the road were her kittens, who had no idea they were trying to gain comfort from their dead mother. 

Whoever killed the mum, must have seen the kittens, and they left them there, to die. five small, innocent living creatures, left on the side of the road, a few more tears joined the first. I cannot get my head around the fact that a human being not only killed a cat, but then decided that killing five more was a good idea. 

The mum may have been an accident, however, making the decision to leave those kittens the person new what they were doing, when did we stop caring? Are humans not meant to be the superior species, the ones that care? make a difference? Needless to say I care, and although five more kittens is not something I need or can afford, I cannot leave them to die. 

So, scooped up and put in a box with a tiny puppy that was handed into the vets to be destroyed (another blog, another day) the five newbies spent the journey crying for their mother. That last 10 minutes home I cried and realised that bed and sleep might be better than wine, as I would never find a bottle big enough.

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