Tuesday 24 April 2018

This Means War!

Over the years I have attempted so many times to grow things, which usually ends in disaster, how I keep animals alive is anyone's guess! However, I achieved the impossible the other day and had grown tomatoes, now this might seem a very small achievement, but to me it was huge. Therefore, when anything, or anyone jeopardises this small hint of happiness, I will seek revenge.

I went to water my stunning crops, planning my multi million euro business from my one tomato plant, to discover something had been eating them! I had planted my crop far away from the goats and the rabbits, and even the ducks could not get to them. On closer inspection they had been eaten by caterpillars. Small, green, caterpillars were getting fat on my crop, they had just waged war.

Rapidly I begun picking them off in the vain hope I could salvage my tomato empire, and begun throwing them to the chickens. I considered it recycling as the chickens were needing lunch, this was met with stupid comments from my son about Buddhism.

I pointed out that the caterpillars had in fact broken their own Buddhist oath, and were not applying equal respect to my plants. I also mentioned that as much as Buddhism was important, so was Karma!

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