Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Miracles Do Happen

Over a year ago a tragic accident happened, and I prayed for a miracle, did I think it would come hell no, but it did and I am so thankful. Miss H offered to foster a small Chihuahua mix as he was struggling in the kennels. Not her type of dog at all, but she took him home, loved him and begun to feed him up. Then one day he got out through the gate slats, as all small dogs do, ran up the road and straight in with two Boxers.

Instinct kicked in with the dogs and they used him like a chew toy, shook him, and broke his neck. Miss H rushed our little Skittles to the nearest vet (not mine) and told them to do everything and anything to save this dog.

The vet in question I am not a fan of, but he did basic xrays, and told her to take him to a "specialist in the city" She of course did, and then made the call to me.

At no point did I ever blame Miss H, these things happen, however, the vets were ripping her off, and I was pissed off. So off I went in the middle of the night to get my dog, and after several hours, a huge argument I had him. As I carried him gently back to my car, to transport him to my vet I knew he was really bad, and the chance of him getting through this was so slim.

The next day we all met at the vets, to discuss possibilities, options, operations, and reality. Miss H said she wanted to try everything, so my vet operated, even he didn't think it would work.

As I sat in my car, I prayed for that miracle. Skittles came though surgery and it was still touch and go, the neck had to fuse back together.

He had to have 100% box rest, no movement, no fun, of course Miss H took full care, and every day I said to her, you know this might not work. Every day she would say "yeah I know" and every day I prayed for that miracle.

Slowly he begun to walk, he begun to improve, but the big test was when he had to have all the strapping removed, as his neck could simply fall. We had discussed if this was to happen, what next, and the day the vet cut the strapping I prayed for that miracle.... and it came. His neck had fused, and the operation was a success.

I honestly think that he only made a full recovery due to Miss H dedication and care, she did everything she could to ensure that he made a recovery.

She even found him an amazing home in the UK, and this is why she is a huge part of my rescue. Everyone needs someone in their circle who believes miracles do happen.... and she believed in Skittles every single step of the way, if it was not for her, he would not be here today!

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