Tuesday 3 April 2018

Asking For Help

Asking for help is something that very few people do, as they are too proud or too stupid until it is too late. Which is why I was shocked when I was asked for help last week from a Canarian Guy who had admitted he had a problem, and needed help. As always I was sceptical as many of these places are awful with starving dogs, and I want to hit the owner with a shovel.

I was 100% shocked, and not for the typical reasons, but because this guy was genuinely nice, and really did care. He had 24 dogs, all in very good condition, in fact one that I have is obese! The other protectoras had not helped him because the dogs were black, big, not so friendly and were not going to be easy to rehome, but as always that didn't put me off.

The guy had ended up with so many due to finding them on the waste lands near his finca, or being thrown over his wall. He had tried to help, but now felt overwhelmed, and had reached out for help, which I found very refreshing. I know the feeling of overwhelmed, I know what it feels like to feel like you are drowning, and cannot come up for air..... but I am too stubborn to ever ask for help.

So, we wandered around his property looking at dog after dog, who were starring out at us pleading, and decided we could help with five. This may not sound a lot, but as always we are FULL and these five were of course big, grumbly and black. I'm not saying we wont help with more, but for now, three have been collected, and I need to go back for the other two.

This story will continue, as we help him with other things, including operation catch a cat... but for now I am feeling all warm and fuzzy that someone stepped up to look after stray dogs, and then asked for help and we could help!

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