Tuesday 18 September 2018

Not Long is Too Long

It still amazes me that people have to be told not to leave their dogs in the car during the summer months. If like me you get whingy when the temperature rises, and the thought of sitting in a car without the AC being on full blast, I cannot even begin to imagine how a dog feels.

Dogs cannot sweat, open a window, or grab something from the car to fan themselves. They cannot moan loudly to husbands that they are hot, and that there must be another higher cold setting on the AC. Not every dog will die, however, they will suffer severe distress, anxiety and discomfort.

The amount of people that "nip to the shop" and leave their dog in the car need hitting with a shovel. That simple act of "nipping for a loaf of bread" NEVER happens, shops have an ability to lure you in, and the one loaf of bread turns into 14 items, a huge queue and 30 minutes.

Those 30 minutes become hell for you dog, with increasing temperatures in a tin can, your dog is likely to get heatstroke. If you have ever had heat stroke you would not wish this on anyone, especially your dog. The symptoms are similar to a major hangover and include:

  • heavy panting
  • restlessness
  • vomitting
  • drowsiness
  • lack of cordination
  • mouth feels like a sewer 
  • excessive thirst 
Think back to the last time you had a hangover, would you want your dog to go through that? exactly! all because you wanted to "nip to the shops" You also do not want to join the people that come up with the most stupid excuses ever which include: 

  • I left the window open 
  • Its not like they were on their own I left my kids in the car too 
  • Its ok I'm a vet
  • We only went for lunch, it was quick I skipped dessert
  • My dog is white, they will be fine
Yep, these are real excuses when people have been caught with their dog in the car, looking like it has had been on the longest pub crawl the night before. So, please don't leave your dog in the car, as I am campaigning to go alongside the new law about smashing car windows that people can hit the dog owner with the object they used to smash the window, to hopefully knock some sense into the idiots.

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