Thursday, 6 September 2018

I Give Them A Chance

Sadly an old Yorkie died at the vets this week, her teeth were so badly infected that she had a very small chance of survival. Years and years of neglect had finally caught up with her, and she made the decision that this was her time to go. Someone asked me after this death, why do I take the dogs that are likely to die.... the answer is simple... I give them a chance.

The honest answer is no one else would take a nearly blind, skinny yorkie from the pound. Although I had no idea about her teeth until I got her out, the oldies often bring medical issues. However, they deserve a chance like every other dog, many survive, and go on to get amazing homes.

Some do give up, and decide that they don't want to fight anymore, and I am sure that some simply die of a broken heart. These dogs have been in homes, they were loved at some point, and then dumped. For an aging, maybe blind or deaf dog that is soul destroying.

If you look at the sensible side of things should I take these dogs, nope, as they cost me money and sometimes die before even going up for adoption. However, I would rather spend the time, and money giving them that chance. That is what sets me apart from all the other rescues.

I also believe that if you ever have to question why I do what I do, then you don't really understand who I am and why I do this. Every dog deserves a chance regardless of age, breed, or illnesses. So, as always I will continue to do what I do.

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