Sunday, 16 September 2018

We Live In A Toxic World

When you become immersed in the rescue world, you soon realize that the world is a highly toxic place. The focus to rescue animals takes over, and eventually swallows you whole. Although there are positive days, and happy outcomes, sadly, these are shadowed with far more negative days.

The heartbreaking reality is that there are an estimated 600 million stray dogs in the world. With such huge numbers I find it unbelievable that people still consider it acceptable to breed their dogs. The excuses that the breeders give for breeding are laughable, and they justify their decision with statements like "rescues are unpredictable" "prone to illnesses" or even aggressive.

Pure breeds end up in the pound alongside the mixes as many simple do not meet the "quality" that is expected of the breed. Just another sign of the throw away society that we have become. The standards are set by humans, the puppies that are created, yet not good enough, become the equivalent of a supermarket wonky vegetable. 

Whilst rescue centers all over the world are full, and so many dogs are PTS due to space, I will never understand why anyone thinks we need more puppies in the world. Some people argue they want a certain type of dog, with specific traits and personalities. Then sign up to a breed specific rescue, and wait for that dog to come up. However, patience is another thing that humans now lack, and when they want something, they want it NOW.

Many people will be surprised the amazing dog you can adopt from a rescue, who will adapt, and grow within your family, if you give it time. Imagine the difference that you will make to that dogs life, by giving them a chance to shine. Many dogs have suffered at human hands, and they will take longer to trust and settle, but when they do you will have an amazing companion.

Instead of opening your wallet, and paying a breeder, how about you offer time, love, respect and patience. You might surprise yourself, and actually like yourself a little more for making an effort, and not choosing the easy way of buying your designer puppy.

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