Tuesday 25 September 2018

Today is the Day!

Today is going to be a strange day, in fact some would say huge, others would simply say OMG. You may be wondering what is so monumental that I am blogging about it, well I have a visitor. It is not even a visitor I can get rid of in a few hours, I have her staying here for six days!

Lets all go back in time, when I threw a flippant comment out there and said to my UK team, "if any of you ever fancy seeing what I do, I have a spare room" It was one of those throw away comments, I thought no more about it, and then one day I was asked if I was being serious. Of course, I replied with a cheery "yep (smiley face)

A few more conversations were had, then flights were booked, appeals went out for donations to be sent to her, and reality hit me like a thunder bolt. Now, don't get me wrong this lady is lovely, adopted two of my dogs, is a huge part of my team... but this is me... the person who hates humans, lives up a mountain in a goat shed, and well putting it bluntly my life isn't normal.

My closest friends keep asking me "how the hell did this happen" followed with laughing and the statements of "wtf" and "you are going to kill her" The thing I do love about my guest is that she has stated all the way along, this is a working holiday, she wants to mirror my life.

I do not see the point in people claiming they want to see what I do, but can they pop off to the beach for a couple of hours, or sit in a bar.  Those things rarely happen, and the way this week is looking very unlikely. So, wish her luck, as she will need it.... living with me is not easy, being around me 24/7 is even tougher.

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