Thursday, 27 April 2017

Crazy Animal Lady

I have fast become that woman that cannot seem to say no, and attracts animals from all four corners of the earth. Everyone dreads me walking into a room due to the dirty clothes, and unbrushed hair, thankfully I don't smell yet, well not much. Even the locals refer to me as the crazy foreigner, well it could be worse!

The thing is I don't go out looking for animals, they just seem to find me, or jump out when driving, or get thrown over the wall. Last year it seems the new Olympic sport of kitten throwing was created as 32 kittens came over the wall. Every time we went out of the house, there were more, running around crying and needing food and attention.

If the kittens weren't enough, other animals seem to be drawn to us, whether |I am driving past a bin, or down the motorway you can guarantee I will find something. I have been advised to drive with my eyes closed, this I think would stop the animal finding, but may cause my death, hmmm maybe that is the plan.

All joking aside, I would never turn down any animal in need, if we cannot take them here, we suggest other places that would fit their needs better... like the camel... thats for another blog ;-) The inability to say no has caused the refuge to grow in numbers, and over the years we have got many interesting and amusing animals. Over time I will introduce you to the permanent residents who take up all my time and money... Talking of animals... another day starts so off to feed the zoo, ciao for now :) 

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