Friday, 28 April 2017

Why Bother?

One of my biggest hates in animal rescue is when wanna be groups set up, thinking they can save the world, and reality is they are actually doing more harm than good. They sit at home and think "ooooo I could do that, it looks so easy" So off they go, set up their group, design their logos and add their friends. Suddenly overnight they have become the experts, they know EVERYTHING about animal rescue, and of course they know jack shit!

I have been doing this over 5 years and still I learn new things, experience new issues and problems, and still screw things up.... But these wanna be rescues think they are perfect, and believe they are doing whats best because they are "saving lives" Animal rescue is about so much more than just picking up a stray animal, feeding it for a few weeks and then giving it away to the first person who goes me, me I want an animal.

There are some amazing groups on this island, but there are also some people/groups that I could actually hit with a large object. When I see their names tagged in stray animal posts I want to scream at the screen noooooooo are you stupid. Classic example, kitten season has hit us, so around every corner are cute fluffy kittens needing homes.

One group has got new kittens, where they got them who knows, but the photos have been posted, and the "oh arent you amazing" posts are up and running. Will they vaccinate? Will they microchip? will they test for feline diseases, and will they steralise HELL NO.... what they will do is give them away to some muppet, who wants a kitten, not a cat but a kitten, with no paperwork, and no back up.... then in a few months that person will have more kittens and the circle starts again.

All these groups are doing is causing more harm than good, they arent helping the problem, they are doing it for their own need for back patting, and praise. As always though if you dare to say anything to these groups you are "attacking" them, and are only bitter and want all the animals for yourself! Trust me the last thing I want is all the animals, however, what I do want is crap "rescues" to do things properly.

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