Sunday 30 April 2017

My Mansion.....

There are many rumors about me on this island, some spiteful, and some plain ridiculous. People have far too much time to be gossiping about me, and I wish they spent their time more constructively, but hey can't change idiots can we! One of the longest running lies that is spread is that I make money from what I do..... Animal rescue = millionaire. They see the donations coming in, but as they are simply too stupid to do the figures, or simply ask, they presume I am the next Bill Gates.

I have been told so many times that I live in a mansion, with a pool, and a brand new car, all bought with peoples donations. Firstly, both my husband and I work, to subsidize the animals, as there is NEVER enough money to pay for feed and vets, and secondly, I dont even live in a house, let alone a mansion!  I do in fact live in a goat shed, yep a goat shed....

When I found this plot of land, it had the most amazing potential, it had space, buildings for animals, and a stunning view..... but no where to live. This of course didnt put me off for a second, so I moved my family to the top of a mountain, in winter, with no thought of where the hell we were going to live. I really should think things through more! We moved in to what once was the main goat housing, there was a back wall, side walls, and a roof....... no rooms, no plumbing, no electrics, and no front wall.

So, there was us, living basically outside, with no building skills, jobs to contend with and day to day life. Looking back we were insane, even more than usual, but hey, we did it, dont get me wrong three years on, our living space, is still unfinished, still leaks, and still needs work, but it is home! Over the years we bought building materials as we could afford them, and did all the work our selves. Building around jobs and animals was stressful, and took so long, but we are proud of what we achieved. It is no mansion, but it is a place we call home, built with love, determination and hard work.

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