Thursday 25 July 2019

See What You Want

I did a post on Facebook the other day, with one photo of a dirty kennel before I cleaned, stating that people always say they would love to do what I do. I was not embarrassed by the photo, and have no issues posting it. Yet, the trolls took it to another level.

There was a post about me, and the "state" of my kennels, the poor conditions my dogs are kept, and how I should be shut down. below is the photo, and I will break down the issues these dog caring people raised.

So,  these were the comments made:
  • The floor is DISGUSTING, I obviously have not cleaned in days! -  yep, it sure is and within 20 minutes, a bottle of cleaner, and a pressure washer it was spotless. trust me days would be far worse than this 
  • There is dog shit in the beds, OBVIOUSLY no one has cleaned in days-  see dogs step in shit, and then they leap everywhere. ALL bedding is changed every day, loads of washing loads of work but worth it 
  • The walls need painting- yep, they do, this would involve, time, energy and money, three things I do not have. 
  • Those are not REAL beds- nope, they are old transport boxes, recycling at its best. 
  • Those NOT real beds have been chewed, and should be thrown out - if I threw out everything that got chewed, I would be throwing out stuff every day.
The post attracted all the usual people, all the usual sofa surfers that have never actually been to a rescue or kennels in their life. So, whilst you are sat on your bum, trolling FB, I am cleaning kennels and saving lives. I know where I would rather be....

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